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Admin Team

Ryan Rabish
employee since 7/5/06


Originally from a suburb one hour northwest of Detroit, Ryan graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Social Science. For increased opportunity, weather, and adventure, he drove West settling in Arizona in 2004.


Founding Desert Parking in 2006, Ryan is a hands-on leader that holds his business to the highest standard. His hobbies include spending time with family & friends, traveling, nature, reading, and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.


"A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle."  -  Buddha

Who We Are

Culture high employee satisfaction due to a healthy, character-centered, accountable, joyful work environment

Hiring & Training - highly selective interview and in-depth training process, recruiting talented, good-natured candidates

Materials - training manual, company handbook, and specific per location Account Guidelines to ensure preparation

Retention - track record of working with our clients and employees long term due to stability and performance

Records comprehensive & acute using specifically designed portal for live client, guest, & employee information 

Manager on Duty Program 7 days / week, 9a - 10p, using network of accounts for swift adaptability

Account Manager Program - an appointed leader familiar with their specific location's operation

Leadership - ownership & management are local, experienced, and commited to running an integrity-based, elite organization


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